In 1988, John Peter had an epiphany. From an Indian Lutheran family, he grew up as a Christian in India. (India’s Christians comprise less than 2.5% of the population.) He had no thoughts of going into full-time ministry. God, however, had other plans for John Peter…and for India.

The epiphany came after he was involved in a motorcycle accident. As his life hung in the balance, he told God that if He chose to heal and restore him, he would devote his life to service. God did…and John Peter did! He came to the United States and through a series of miraculous encounters, met Rev. Dr. Donald Miles. Don pledged his support and challenged him to serve his people by starting community transformation centers. In 1993 United Evangelical Mission International incorporated. In 1999,  Don Miles expanded the board with 9 committed people and moved the U.S. operations to Denver, CO. UEM-India is now doing business as India Transformed!

India Transformed! operates under a ten person Board of Directors. UEM-India operates under a  nine person Indian board. UEM-India and India Transformed! operate jointly under a strategic protocol partnership agreement.