Because of poverty, injustice and oppression some Indian women’s morale is destroyed and their dignity assaulted. Convicted to offer hope, Joyce Lynn, took a step of faith to help these women and started “TALITHA CUMI” which means “Young woman, arise!”  The Talitha Cumi Ministry Program strives to empower women and their families with dignity and a purpose for living.

Tailoring Instruction
Women who attend Talitha Cumi classes are trained in tailoring – from the basics to stitching frocks, shirts, baby frocks, embroidery and knitting. They are taught how to tailor on sewing machines. These women have proved to be faithful, industrious, teachable and flexible minded to adapt to training for new skills. They also undergo personal training in health and hygiene, thus ensuring the all round development and nurture of the family. The Talitha Cumi Ministry Program has four centers in India training women to be self-confident, empowered to make a living, and able to sustain their families by making garments.
The garment industry in India is booming and there are very promising opportunities for the Talitha Cumi graduates to find jobs and become skilled, independent women. Many of the women have found jobs in garment factories. They are earning stable wages to support their families. A few women have opened their own tailoring shops and are stitching women’s garments. India Transformed! has gifted sewing machines to women who were unable to purchase one. For all these women, the painful past has become a distant shadow. The new life provided to them fills them with hope and promise of a good tomorrow – over 90% of Talitha Cumi graduates actively contribute to the financial well-being of their families.
Proficiency Exams