Many Indian Children are denied access to basic needs due to extreme poverty.  Our Community Based Child Care Centers are havens where impoverished children, aged 3-18,experience God’s love and receive food, clothing, medical aid, education and English classes so they are equipped to thrive. We empower their families through support and education.




Our Children’s Program is a safe loving place for impoverished children who live at home to come to our center to receive food, clothing, transportation to school, tutoring, English instruction, and medical aid. The Center also helps the community-at-large by promoting health & hygiene classes, literacy training and social entrepreneurism classes to the parents.


India Transformed International School Sponsorship

India Transformed International School Sponsorship

The school year begins in June and we have a waitlist of students at our International School who need sponsorship so they can attend our International School and receive food, clothing and medical care. Your sponsorship and love will open many opportunities they may never have. You can bring them hope for a better future! Contact our office to select a child.