India Transformed International School was founded in 2001 to meet the educational needs of impoverished children.  This school has grown to over 750 students, is accredited by the government and uses English as the language of instruction. Students are prepared for modern life in India in which speaking English is essential.  This is a  “united” school.  From day one, students are nurtured to have peer relationships that transcend the barriers of caste, creed and economic status.  There is a healthy mix of socio-economic and religious backgrounds.  Students grow spiritually and are held to the highest moral standards where they are taught to respect and appreciate humanity. The majority of the enrolled students are from literate, upper middle-class families and promising students who are from different socio- economic classes receive scholarships to attend this quality school. The school builds children’s confidence and competence, develops life skills, ensures that all children attend school regularly, involves them in extra-curricular activities, and empowers the community to play an active role in children’s education.

In Indian schools there are three categories of schools in urban areas that serve three socio-economic groups.  For those who can afford them, they mostly attend private schools. The third category are run by the state government which use only the local language, have extremely poor facilities and have a shortage of trained reliable teachers.  The urban poor have no alternative other than to attend these schools.  Many are forced to work as child laborers and cannot attend school.

Due to Indian communalism and a burgeoning middle class, there is a profoundly callous attitude towards the underprivileged.  In our school, however, there is a genuine enrichment of Indian democracy with straightforward spiritual truths that free people from want and suffering.  The school prepares children for entry into quality universities and to compete in a global marketplace.  These students will lead India’s future.