The Women’s Empowerment Program provides a strong spiritual foundation that unites women through fellowship who have been abused, abandoned and neglected by society.  Together they learn new skills, restore their dignity and build trust.  The tailoring and literacy training program takes 6 months to complete.  By the time these trainees finish, they will be able to read and write at the 5th grade level which enables these women to find higher paying jobs. Upon graduation, they have job positions in the garment industry or set up their own business.  They can earn a livable wage that supports their children and no longer are they living on the streets and begging for survival.

Tailoring Instruction

The garment industry in India is booming and there are promising opportunities for the Women’s Empowerment Program graduates to find jobs and become skilled, independent women. Many of the women have found jobs in the garment industry. They are earning stable wages to support their families. Some of the women with young children have opened their own tailoring shops.   India Transformed! will gift sewing machines to women who are unable to purchase one to start up their own business. For all these women, the painful past has become a distant shadow. The new life provided to them fills them with hope and promise for a better future – over 90% of the graduates are actively working.


 There are presently 5 training centers through out India more locations to be added. Each class begins once there are enough sponsors and donors to support a class of 20 women. Right  now there is a  waitlist of women waiting to be sponsored for their training. Please consider being a sponsor or donor today!